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Schuessler Tissue Salts - Uses

Updated: May 31, 2023


Calc Flour – No.1 : Calcium Flouride for tissue elasticity; impaired circulation; varicose veins; piles, cracked skin, muscle strain & injured ligaments

Calc. Phos – No.2: Calcium Phosphate -Debility; repaired digestion; teething trouble; chilblains, anaemia, indigestion and bone diseases

Calc. Sulph – No.3: Calcium Sulphate – Acne, adolescent pimples; skin slow to heal; sore lips, spots & slow healing wounds

Ferr. Phos – No.4: Iron Phosphate – Blood stream oxygenation; chills; fevers; inflammation; congestion coughs; colds, redness, throbbing & the 1st stage of a Respiratory illness

Kali. Mur– No.5: Potassium Chloride – Minor respiratory ailments; coughs; colds; children’s feverish ailments, mucous congestion, glandular swellings, tonsilitis, ear infections, sore throats

Kali. Phos– No.6: Potassium Phosphate – Nerve soothing, exhaustion, indigestion, headache; stress due to worry or exhaustion, nervous tension, depression, irritability & tension headaches

Kali. Sulph– No.7: Potassium Sulphate – Skin condition; skin eruptions with scaling or sticky exudations; falling hair; diseased nails; catarrh, dandruff, dry scaling skin, chicken pox & other minor eruptions of the skin

Mag. Phos– No.8: Magnesium Phosphate – Cramp; neuralgia; flatulence; spasmodic nerve pains, spasmodic pain, muscle cramps & twitches

Nat. Mur – No.9: Sodium Chloride – Maintaining body water distribution; watery colds, flow of tears; loss of smell, excessive moisture or dryness, runny nose & loss of taste

Nat. Phos– No.10: Sodium Phosphate – Over acidity of the blood; gastric disorders; heartburn; rheumatic tendency, indigestion, dyspepsia & heartburn

Nat. Sulph– No.11: Sodium Sulphate – Water infiltrations; liverish symptoms; influenza; bilious attacks, liver upsets & water retention

Silica– No.12: Silicon Dioxide – Impure blood & for boils, brittle nails & lack-lustre hair, pimples, ulcers, styes & hair, skin + nail


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